15 pieces of advice from a decade of ups and downs

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1. Life rarely improves with a single event.

2. You will outlast most of your competition if you are patient.

3. Blame yourself only if you’ve been careless. Even then, do it quickly and move on.

4. Most experiences can be made better simply by giving them your full attention.

5. Prove your worth first, demand things second.

6. Optimise your life in a way that doesn’t require you to do anything half-heartedly.

7. There are no guarantees. So make sure you at least learn something along the way.

8. Accept the present moment as is, but always be working for the future.

9. See feedback as commentary on your actions, not yourself. Don’t take it personally.

10. Deliberate abstinence in itself is not a useful strategy. Have fun when it’s warranted.

11. Don’t plan to start a business only because you hate your job. Just find a better job.

12. Have you known suffering? Good, now you know yourself.

13. Spending money only solves for the symptom, not the disease.

14. To be truly well-read is to know how ignorant you are.

15. You won’t miss anything of importance by skipping the news.

Bonus tip: Advice is always context-dependent.




I read like a man possessed | I write to understand the world | Twitter: @DhawalHelix

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Dhawal Sharma

Dhawal Sharma

I read like a man possessed | I write to understand the world | Twitter: @DhawalHelix

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